It’s about idea

Recently I listened a director in a meeting about Film Sound saying: “[…] I read an article, when I was a young filmmaker, regarding a show movies with a beautiful picture and awful sound, and a show movie with a no good image a very good sound. The audience prefer the good sound than good image!”.

Interesting sentence to think about this media: the cinema.

The technical aspects are useful and important to tell the story, and probably in the audience subconscious the sound works so much. So it’s important for us sound story tellers, and obviously for directors and all crew, don’t fight the media but be the media.

I’m just saying if we know the media and its language we can create an amazing story, also with no enough money.

Could be interesting working not in the old and hierarchic way that want writers so far from who works with sound; but have the sound designer so more possible in the writing and editing process, to have new ideas always in the respect of the directors.