Looking for sounds to tell a story

Which sound have I to catch to tell that character or location?

A specific sound of a location can help me to tell a feeling of some characters in the storytelling?


In this past spring I went in the small island of Stromboli in Sicily, Italy; to record some specific sounds for the Dutch film “Stromboli” by Michiel van Erp.

It has been really exciting and interesting discover this island in the Mediterranean with a volcano in activity; you can hear from this recording like the volcano erupt.

A crowd chatting in a bar, the volcano erupts and then a motorcycle… There are so many Vespacar in this island, so also the engine of this motorcycle it´s so typical around the alleys of Stromboli.

I had windy days, in fact I postponed my departure because I was blocked in the island due the sea.

The island has just two churches, but there is like just one priest for all islands of Eolie. In fact, I was been lucky because in a church has been a simple citizen to ring the bell just for me; because absolutely I needed it of that church bell!

I´m sharing the two bells from these two different churches, one it´s played by the priest in a normal Sunday morning and the other one played by that citizen; and you can feel, you can hear there is something naturally different.

This is a played by the priest in the main church of the island.

And the other one played by a citizen of Stromboli.

Sometimes the location where it´s setted the story can be a very useful source of sounds and inspiration for the sound design of a film.