Music composition in sound design

In this past weekend I attended, with so many other sound designer colleagues, an inspiring and really interesting seminar: “Sound Storytelling in modern cinema and streaming” at Danish Film School.
A fantastic and great event to confront and inspiring each other.
One of the topic was about the musicality and composition there is on building a sound design for a film, like a composer does with the music.
Layering winds with different colors and tonalities is similar to arranging and composing notes with flutes, isn’t it?
Our sound library, which we recorded ourselves, is like our own magic orchestra. Our microphones and faders are our instruments.
When composing the musicality in sound design for film, we follow a storytelling determined by each aspect and detail of the film, such as the lens used in a particular scene.
Cinema it´s a musical composition made it with light, pictures, sounds and music following the vision of the director to realize the cinematic musical composition.