Poetry in recording and mixing sound

I would like remember Federico Savina says by this piece of interview I found it on internet from 2010 (it´s in Italian),
translated in English.

“From my point of view you just have to discover and understand the diversity that arises with change and this is part of the game of life or perception that lucky poets or writers or artists perceive before others.

I like his words. A sound designer and mixer as a poet and artist perceive before others changes of the life and the universe.
With this words, I ask to myself – Where is going and how it will be the cinematic sound design? –
And also I’m encouraged to look and hear beyond.

With Federico and our my sound colleagues, to experiment, we recorded an air jet pass by in a suburbs area, for finalizing the recording in 7.1 multichannel audio.
We tried different microphone setup and also we did it different mixes in the dub stage; but now, I don´t want go deep in the technical aspects.

What we learnt from that experimentation?

It has been useful for us understand that to create immersive sound according to any multi-channel format, in this case 7.1, you have to start from a good recorded immersive sound and with the right spatiality that you want to reproduce.

I guess if we start to ask and think about the sound design from the script in writing, we´ll have a better cinematic experience.

The theatrical motion pictures aura experience it´s our blank canvas, to look and hear beyond in the motion picture storytelling.